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Gerry Arbuckle

Gerald A. Arbuckle, S.M., Ph.D., is a Cambridge University trained social anthropologist, a Marist priest, the co-founder of the Refounding Pastoral Development Unit, and a cultural and organizational consultant to public and private healthcare systems in Australia and North America. He is an award winning author of many books, including, Abuse and Cover-Up: Refounding the Catholic Church in Trauma (2019), Loneliness: Insights for Healing in a Fragmented World (2018), Fundamentalism at Home and Abroad: Analysis and Pastoral Responses (2017), Humanizing Healthcare Reforms (2012), Culture, Inculturation, and Theologians: A Postmodern Critique (2010), and Laughing with God: Humor, Culture, And Transformation (2008). Dr. Arbuckle presented the Martin D’Arcy, SJ, Memorial Lectures at Oxford University, 2011, on the  theme Humanizing Healthcare Reforms. Originally from New Zealand, he lives in Sydney, Australia.

Interviewed by David Kopacz (2017)

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