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Interview by Usha Akella  (2023)

Guruvu Shri T.V.R.K. Murthy’s book Met Again is a wondrous account of past life recall with profound insights into karma, evolution, and the purpose of life.

He had a major spiritual awakening after Jagadguru Sri Maha Periyava - Kanchi Paramacharya appeared to him in a dream in 1998, and altered the course of his life completely. Followed by numerous astounding mystical darshans of Lord Shri Venkateswara, Shri T.V.R.K, Murthy (engineer, political cartoonist, and logo designer), popularly known as ‘Viswapathi’, authors spiritual books, guides people, and appears on many Telugu T.V., YouTube, and social media channels to share his spiritual insights, and experiences.


A multi-faceted individual, he is basically an Electrical engineer, a political cartoonist whose cartoons appeared in the Indian Express, and he has designed over 6,000 logos based on Vedic principles for corporations globally. His recent cartoon collection book Sincerely Yours was appreciated by several intellectuals including Sri Hamid Ansari, former Vice-President of India. Incidentally, this book is catalogued at the Harvard library, as well.


He has authored 28 devotional books of which 18 are on Lord Sri Venkateswara alone. He wrote his first book Sri Srinivasa Mahatmyam, in 2002. Sri Venkateswara Vrata Kalpam (2005) has been translated into 12 languages including French and Italian. It is estimated that so far one million copies of his books have been freely distributed to devotees. Millions of people including Europeans, and Chinese read it every Saturday. Several eminent spiritual leaders and seers read his books regularly.


Ten books on Lord Sri Venkateswara in Telugu are in the collections of the prestigious Widener Library, the flagship library of Harvard University. Mr. Richard Lesage, the Harvard Librarian avers his books enrich their collection on Hinduism in South India. A copy of Sri Venkateswara Vrata Kalpam is stocked the British Library, London. Srivari Darsan, a pictorial book in English on Lord Sri Venkateswara is at the libraries of Harvard, Cornell, in U.S.A., Oxford and Cambridge in U.K.,Heidelberg in Germany, Royal Danish Library, Denmark and several other prestigious universities across the world.


Shri Viswapathi garu, on a daily basis gets hundreds of letters, telephonic calls, and e-mail requests for his guidance and books. ‘Amritah sopanam’ written by him explains the philosophy behind climbing the Tirupathi hill on foot. Every day, an estimated 25,000 devotees climb the sacred Tirupathi hill by foot but many are not aware of the significance of the pilgrimage. The book has become a guide for the pilgrimage. ‘Sri Venkateswara Darsanam’, his fourth book explains the glories of Lord Sri Venkateswara through 24 Kesava Namas. These 24 namas of Lord Sriman Naryana are invested with great power, and recited in the beginning of any pooja in the Hindu tradition. It has become very popular with the devotees and is being read by students of many Vedic schools.


Shri Viswapathi garu’s books are simple to read without prescriptions of complicated rituals. Anyone can freely download his books from Devotees can also contact him at for free copies of these books.


UA: Namaskaram Guruvu Viswapathi garu. I am deeply grateful that you are in conversation with There is so much to explore that I have been wondering where to quite start between biographical details and mystical topics. I recall my beautiful visit to meet you with gratitude—the warmth and affection from you and your wife, Rukmini garu, is still with me. The soothing presence you both exude, your aura of compassion, and assurance is indelible.


Your book Met Again is a wondrous account of past lives, and begins with the question of ‘Who am I?’ to delve into mystical questions as well as your own journey.


So, let us begin with this question: Who is Viswapathi? What is the reason and mission for this birth at this time? In his own perspective.


Guruvu V: Dear Usha, I was equally excited meeting such a wonderful soul like you, and as it is said, every meeting in our lives is predestined. We meet a particular person or visit a place only at a particular time of our life…not an hour before nor an hour after…just at the destined time. We did not know each other a month ago, isn’t it! But we met in our earlier lives and Met Again now! A soul travels over millions of births each time in different geographical places, different religions, different sects and different genders…depending upon the soul’s good and bad deeds…what we call prarbdha karma….


And coming to me, Viswapathi…well Viswapathi is born to give some rare Vedic texts and Vedic knowledge to humanity…I may not be on this planet a few years down the lane…but these works remain forever…not just in the Harvard, Stanford, Oxford and Cambridge libraries …but in people’s lives…in people’s traditions…in people’s religious practices forever…for example Lord Sri Venkateswara has been existing on this planet from billions of years…yes, over several yugas…but it is only now a specific puja for the Supreme Lord has been gifted to mankind in the form of Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam…what else do we need ? it is now translated in to 12 languages and is being read by millions of devotees across the world…

UA: Your turning point—away from one kind of life to a fully spiritual one—began with your wondrous experiences with Sri Venkateswara Swami in the balcony of your own home. I would love for you to share this with our readers.


Guruvu V: My spiritual journey began in 1998 when His Holiness Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi, Kanchi Maha Swamy appeared in my dream one night. It was a blissful experience. In the dream he gave me darsan, and told that the time has come for me to start my spiritual journey for which I am born. During the conversation with Him, my whole body was filled with great energy. It was so powerful that I was chanting AUM continuously without my knowledge. I got up from the bed around 4 am while still chanting Omkara loudly. I felt a tremendous heat generated in my body. I rushed to the wash room, took a headbath all the while chanting Omkara. Then I sat in my pooja room. Slowly the rhythm came down to a normal level. That was the beginning of my spiritual journey. As many of us are aware Sri Chandrasekhara Saraswathi Swamy varu is considered an incarnation of Lord Siva Himself.


One day I was sitting in front of the Tirumala temple. Suddenly I saw a bright light engulfing the whole temple and extending up to the sky, it was a terrifying sight. I could not withstand the enormous energy and closed my eyes for a while. Then I heard a very pleasant voice, telling me that He is none other than the Supreme Lord Srimannarayana and I am going to blessed with Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam, I opened my eyes, and I saw the all-encompassing Viswaroopam of the Lord, in whom I saw all the Gods for few minutes. This magnificent and gigantic form disappeared and then in its place. I saw huge light. I heard a very, very melodious voice filled with divine aura, that blessed me with Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam. Lord Sriman Narayana Himself narrated the puja procedure…it was a great experience hearing Lord’s voice…the voice of the Supreme Brahman…


On another day, I was standing on our balcony, looking at the beautiful morning sky, suddenly I could see the broad canvas of the Universe. I could see millions of incidents that occurred in billions of years spreading across several yugas. It was a blissful experience, a visual spectacle of being shown Lord Sri Rama and Lord Sri Krishna in their childhoods. I have written a book in Telugu called Yuga Darsanam in which I wrote about some of the divine incidents I have travelled in time within to millions of years ago. These things happen effortlessly.


UA: Please share insights about Sri Venkateswara Swamy, and the energy he represents at a deeper level.


Guruvu V: Lord Sri Venkateswara Swamy’s idol is self-manifest. It is not carved by humans. The Supreme Lord Himself descended on the sacred Tirumala Hills to bless us all in this Kaliyuga. He stood there alone for millions of years without any temple. With the sky as his umbrella the Lord stood there for millions of years. In the initial days, Lord Sri Venkateswara was revered by tribals of Seshachala mountains. It is only later that archakass started performing regular pujas. The Lord gave His first darsan to Sri Gopinadha Deekshitulu. His descendants are hereditary archaks (temple priests) in the Tirumala temple till date.


We can feel a great cosmic energy on Tirumala hills. In fact, the point where Swamy stood is a centre of the highest form of cosmic energy. It is because of this energy that devotees are drawn to Sri Swamy varu in lakhs every day. Not just human beings, even celestial Gods visit Tirumala in the early hours of the day to have darsan of Sri Swamy varu, the Supreme God. They come in adrusyaroopa.(invisible to humans) A different plane exists in Tirumala surrounding the sanctum sanctorium. It is because of it that when we ordinary mortals, step into this plane for a few seconds we have no other thoughts in our mind. We forget all our list of wishes we wanted to ask Sri Swamy varu. We simply become thoughtless while being in that magnetic field. We realize this difference the moment we come out of the temple. We feel an ultimate bliss while being in that sphere of magnetic energy.

Even though Sri Venkateswara is prayed to as a form of Vishnu, I strongly believe it is the supreme force beyond the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Siva. In fact, the murthi (idol) was revered as Siva for some time, as Vishnu for some time and Goddess Sakthi for some time. Sri Ramanujacharya established that the murthi in Tirumala temple is none other than Lord Vishnu Himself. Since then, the temple rituals are being performed as per Agama Sastras in Sri Vaishnavaite traditions. But you will be surprised to know that for some devotees Lord gives darsan as Siva and for some as Sri Subramanyeswara. Whoever it is, whatever the form, there is no doubt that the murthi there is the supreme force of the universe.

UA: You often speak of one divine Energy, as you just have, the one energy running the world. Help us understand this more deeply. It feels the world is constantly fragmenting on the notion of God, his/her true form etc., etc.,


Guruvu V: Just lift your head up on a pleasant night sky and see the millions of stars, moon etc., all planets are moving in their orbits from times immemorial without moving by an inch…and the supreme Sun…think of the scenario…what If the supreme Sun moved closer to the earth by few kilometers, there would be a catastrophe of unimaginable magnitude. We all would perish instantly unable to bear the scorching temperatures…but that never happened …isn’t it…so what is behind all this? it is a Supreme force that is controlling this whole universe. It is under its direction that everything is going on in perfect order. We see millions of stars in the sky…some of them are much much bigger than our earth. Why is that some 10 or 15 of them are not colliding with each other? This itself is perfect reason to believe that some great force is keeping this universe intact. Each religion calls it by different name. We do not need any complicated explanation to convince people that God does exist…. just think for a while—why some planets are not moving left or right or why some planet is not falling on our head…and you will definitely believe some force is keeping everything in its place. The Supreme Force is none other than whom we call GOD, the supreme GOD. You may not see Him, but you can definitely feel His presence in day-to-day life…can you see air? But can you say that air does not exist…as simple as that.

UA: Some might respond that there are certain laws of science or of physics that regulate these things. But the question then is who creates these perfect laws of symmetry and planning that holds the universe as it is…what is that mind-boggling intelligence?


Guruvu V: Yes, who created these laws …or who is behind this symmetry…you can call spirituality also a science. The only thing is we know only a tiny fraction of this science. Our ancestors had knowledge vaster than our, they knew this science, they had advanced technologies we are just discovering. How did we have nuclear weapons during the time of the Mahabharatha? How many of us are aware that Space engineering was at its best in Dwaparayuga. Unfortunately, we have lost all that knowledge to such an extent that people are not even aware that it did exist centuries ago. Ignorance does not mean it did not exist.


UA: An eye that can see across time, planes, dimensions, and into souls… how is it to exist simultaneously on this earth watching life unfold herein the midst of mundane existence. Are there times you feel burdened by your insights as I am sure many times you cannot reveal all to people who come to you. Is wisdom a weighty thing? How do you choose what to reveal and not reveal.


Guruvu V: Yes, absolutely true Usha. Wisdom is not just weighty; at times it is traumatic too. It is really, really, difficult some times, and so traumatic when you know something is going to happen to a close friend, and still, you cannot say it to him. And simply extrapolate that in to thousands…the future spectrum of thousands of individuals is visible to you, and you still have to remain a silent spectator. You need sthithapragnatha of the highest order. No doubt God has gifted me with this detachment. I just carry on my work, my day-to-day routine without getting disturbed much…but after all I am also a father, husband, friend and well-wishers. So, I do feel bit depressed and helpless sometimes that I cannot tell them things in advance.

UA: This brings us to your book Met Again—a wondrous account across yugas, of souls you’ve met, and are meeting again. It seems like your spiritual work began yugas ago, and is still unfolding. Why are you meeting these particular souls in this life? Is it happening so you can reveal the play of life across immeasurable tracts of time, karmic law, plus fulfilling your own contracts with these people?


Guruvu V: Yes…the answer I give, may sound unrealistic to some and stunning to many. But, yes, I am taking birth at particular time in this universe at my will…yes, purely at my will…but ordained by the Supreme Force to inculcate dharma to some souls. You may give a speech to millions …but it reaches at the soul level to only a few. isn’t it? Another interesting thing is at any given time, 400 most elevated souls exist on this planet at different geographical places, in different religions, and many of them live outwardly as very ordinary people. But it is because of these elevated souls, that the world remains intact. I mean they ensure that total destruction does not take place. They do so by their mere physical presence on this planet. They do not necessarily preach, nor give discourses on dharma, or reveal themselves. They are so powerful that their mere physical presence on this planet keeps the world going smoothly. Some may be here of 40 years, some for 80 years and some may live here for 200 years! If we are destined to meet such great souls, we get to meet them, and know the real identity.

UA: Like Babaji, who is being talked of more and more, since his first mention in Yogananda Paramahamsa’s book…

Guruvu V: I was born in earlier yugas…and again now…some people who met me in my earlier lives are meeting me again now…in most interesting ways. And only those who are destined to, get connected to me again. Their souls draw them from across continents, and feel very happy after meeting me. The mind in the physical body in the present birth may not understand it, but the soul always does.

UA: From our conversations, and interactions, I have come to observe that you align and surrender yourself to the universe, and work; a time comes when the universe starts working with you. Comment?


Guruvu V: Yes, if you are pure in your thoughts, the Universe is always with you. You can feel the energy around you, you can feel the affection shown by the plants, the rivers, the mountains and the sky. When you are pure and align yourself with universe, the universe starts embracing you with its beautiful aura, you feel ecstatic. I have experienced it several times, the universe has great mysteries. Nature reveals its mysteries to the explorers with pure heart.


UA: Perhaps, this is the way for so many scientists too… their pure quest to understand the workings of the universe is blessed with revelations…


Guruvu V: Yes, and it is a continuous process. Scientists found something new 400 years ago, another new thing 200 years ago, and another new one 100 years ago, and another 50 years ago…the next one could be tomorrow…but all this is a tiny fraction of the mystery of the Universe. It will take billions of years for science to understand even one percent of the Universe. But great Yogis knew, and know. Great saints know many, many, facts about this Universe which are not known to modern science.


UA: You have penned a copious amount of books- 27 or 28, accompanied by the selfless intention to gift freely. This is unheard of in this climate of book sales. Please comment on some of the topics you have written on, and the intention behind this generosity.


Guruvu V: It is only with the enormous grace of Lord Srinivasa that I could write all these books. I had great divine experiences while writing these books. There is a fragrance of divinity in these books. I do not want to sell them at least as long as I live. We have printed more than 10 lakh copies in the last 15 years, and distributed them freely. Some of my friends are helping me in this yagna…it is easier to write but the distribution takes a lot of work. I would have written about two lakh addresses in all these years.


It gives me immense satisfaction when people share how these books are changing their lives. And this keeps me going. I’d like to share a few experiences.


Once an immigration officer working in a prominent Embassy told me that Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam appeared on his computer screen one day. He was simply shocked as the servers are so secure that nothing can go by it. It was indeed a miracle as he is an ardent devotee of Lord Sri Venkateswara. On another occasion the Lord appeared in dream to a devotee Mr. Srinivas, and told him that he will receive the Vratha Kalpam book on a chair at a marriage he would attend the next day. To his utter surprise and joy, Srinivas really found a copy of Sri Venkateswara Vratha Kalpam in a chair at the wedding. I hear such miracles daily from thousands of devotees across the world.


I thank my wife Rukmini and each member of my family for their great support all these years. I also take this opportunity to thank numerous friends who are helping me in this yagna.


My message to everyone is be simple, be humble, do whatever best you can do to the people around you. And find happiness in small things…it is always the small things in life that gives great joy…sipping a cup of hot coffee on a winter morning…eating your  favorite pizza in a roadside restaurant…these things give you great happiness than what you get by buying a 2 million house or a private jet…remember these small things are plenty in your life where as the big ones are very few…my best wishes to all of you…


Dear Usha, thank you very much for giving me this wonderful opportunity to share my thoughts with you. I thoroughly enjoyed it. May Lord Srinivasa bless your family and bless everyone.


UA: Dear uncle, thank you with all my heart. Namaskaram.

"True aspiration is when the heart cries out longing for purity and simplicity. Our pure and simple hearts, and not the stars, hold the secret to our karma, or our destiny. "

- Daaji

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